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Version Current Version Number
Release 1.17
Beta 1.32.0

DataPredict is a machine and deep learning library for Roblox and Pure Lua.

This project is created to address the lack of machine and deep learning libraries as well as the inflexibility of the available ones on Roblox. It is also a way for me to apply my machine and deep learning knowledge into its physical form.

If there are any suggestions or issues for this library, don’t be afraid to reach out to me at my Discord server, DevForum thread or LinkedIn.

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To know what this library is all about from scratch, let’s have a look at the quick introduction here.



Installation For Roblox

The Basics

Creating Our First Model

Saving And Loading Model Parameters

Using Optimizers

Using Gradient Descent Modifiers

Using Model Checker

Using Regularization

Distributed Training

The Neural Networks

Using Neural Networks Part 1

Using Neural Networks Part 2

Learning AIs

Getting Started With Reinforcement Learning

Choosing The Most Recommended Environment Inputs

Stimulating Curiosity With Random Network Distillation


API Reference

API Reference

Want To Create Your Own Models, Optimizers And More?

API Design

Download Links


DataPredict Library

MatrixL Library

Other Documentations

Aqwam’s Matrix Library

Version History




Fun Facts About The DataPredict’s Icon

The three blocks in the icons represents these meanings, which also show’s the DataPredict’s Library main design principles:

Blue colour is chosen as it represents knowledge. This represents the data.

White octagon makes us focus on the blue blocks. This represent the focus on the components of this library.